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Our learning environment

Our Learning Environment 2014-2016

Our learning environment has undergone major changes over the past few years.

Due to the increasing demand for school places, we have been working towards becoming a one form entry school. We were very fortunate to have been included in Hampshire’s building expansion plan. The £1.5million extension including phases 1, 2 and 3 began in summer 2014. On Friday 28th August, phases 1 and 2 were completed and the new extension and classrooms were handed over to us on 28th August 2015.  

The fantastic project has extended our school with two additional classrooms, a new suite of offices, an improved library and a glazed corridor. For the first time in the history of the school (over 250 years) We are joined from the Victorian KS2 wing to the KS1 and Early Year’s classroom.  This, as well as including a purpose built Year R courtyard now enables our children to move around freely and safely within the school.  

Over the summer the older areas were upgraded to allow the smooth transition from old to new. Every classroom has either been cleared or moved, as well as the library and the school offices.

We all love our new building and we are very grateful to everyone who made it happen and possible!

It has been a challenging and exciting transition for the whole school community, which we all look forward to using for many years ahead. 



Our School Aims (the 7 red stars) – safe, secure, strength, succeed, standards, share and support are reflected in our learning environment. 

Our learning environment is an ever changing place which reflects children’s interests, views and current topics.  If you were to walk into our learning areas you would see:

  • happy and engaged adults and children
  • children discussing their learning to deepen and challenge their ideas and understanding
  • learning walls
  • the use of a variety of good examples and models of teaching and learning
  • resources to support and develop understanding
  • learning toolkits (English/Maths)
  • computing
  • good quality texts
  • real life contexts to build on children’s experiences
  • rich vocabulary
  • positive feedback
  • children’s ideas and experiences being valued
  • organised and purposeful environments
  • opportunities to meet problematic tasks which build resilience, perseverance and curiosity
  • a wide range of learning opportunities






Our learning environment will continue to change as the landscaping project begins very soon.  Watch this space!