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Pupil Voice


At All Saints C of E Primary School we promote children’s rights to be listened to, to have an opinion and for their views to be valued.    

We work towards achieving this on a variety of different levels. These include: children’s leadership roles, such as DARTS and JPMs doing office duty and jobs around the school,  active involvement in verbal/written feedback,  use of learning sentences and journals to reflect on learning, children’s comments and views expressed during worships, circle times to develop discussion and also opportunities given for impromptu conversations on the playground and around the school.


We are very proud of our children and pride ourselves as a whole school as being good listeners! 



At the beginning of every year, we hold elections for the new school representatives, who are called DARTS.  The letters stand for – Develop And Represent The School.  Each year group elects two members for the DARTS, a girl and a boy.


Children put themselves forward to become a DART.  The potential candidates present themselves to their key stage peers and share their ideas on how they are going to help further our school aims.  As part of a fair democratic process each child is allowed one vote for their preferred candidate. 

Once the DARTS have been elected they meet regularly to make decisions and discuss current projects and issues in school.  In addition, they often take Harvest donations to the local Basics Bank as well as meeting any key visitors,  presenting prizes, offering thanks and  attending key events.

Children’s views:

‘I wanted to be a D.A.R.T because I think that it will help to improve my levels of responsibility and some of the things that I want to happen in our class and around the school will hopefully start to become more credible’.

‘You need to be kind and care about everyone not just yourself’.

‘With my job I would like to introduce new pupils to the school, raise money for charities and help others’.

‘I will be polite, friendly and will always follow the school rules as well as our school aims’.



This year we have elected pupils who want to make a difference to the environment. So far we have set up special new bins for collecting crisp packets to be recycled at the University of Winchester, interviewed pupils about the plastic used in their lunchboxes and the need to reduce this, replaced glue sticks with PVA glue and begun recycling plastic in special bottles to make plastic bricks to make seats around the school site. Watch this space for other ideas and events throughout the year.


Junior Peer Mentors (JPMs)

Over the years we have been very successful in developing the role of Junior Peer Mentors in the school. 

Every year the current JPM’s nominate, interview and decide on four new JPMs for the following year.  Once the decision has been made the new recruits attend the Hampshire Junior Peer Mentoring Conference held at the Intech Science Centre in Winchester.  During the conference, the children attend workshops on healthy eating, physical activity, safety and listening skills. 

Being a Junior Peer Mentor is a challenging task for children to undertake and our children relish the opportunity.  A normal day for a JPM might be organising physical activities on the playground, ensuring children are treating each other fairly, supporting children who seem anxious or upset and getting them the appropriate support if necessary.   Each and every one of our junior peer mentors uphold All Saints C of E Primary School’s aims in the way they act and treat others around the school. 

Children’s views:

‘I wanted to be a JPM because I felt I could meet the challenge of such a big responsibility’.

‘I wanted to be a JPM so people can make new friends and to make break times fun’.

‘I enjoy creating games for children to play and attending JPM meetings to discuss what has been happening around school’.

‘I enjoy seeing people make new friends and learning something new’.

‘I feel that people trust my decisions’.


We nurture and encourage children to be confident in expressing their views, to speak confidently and to develop self-respect and pride which are very important skills for life.  To support us with our discussions and expressing our views we use our most popular strategy which includes the following actions for; add, build and challenge the idea or the speaker.


Cyber Ambassadors (CAs)

On Internet Safety Day Tuesday 11th February, our specially ( police) trained cyber ambassadors launched the characters to educate pupils into staying safer online. They visited every class too to show the pupils the best ways to stay safe. The CAs told us they enjoyed presenting to each calss whilst classes loved listening to their ideas and advice.