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Staying Healthy and Active


In our school, we actively promote ‘strength’ as being one of our school aims. We also emphasise the great importance of ‘strength’ in mind and brain power. We focus on strength in terms of: eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking plenty of fluids and exercising regularly. We all need to be well enough to learn and to do this we need to be as active as possible. By this, we mean exercising our brain muscle to achieve well, having the strength to say ‘no’ if we do not agree with something, asking for help if we are finding things challenging, recognising when something is ‘not quite right’, persevering and building resilience to tackle demanding tasks and dilemmas.

Healthy eating

Our school meals are provided for by HC3S who produce a three weekly menu of balanced and varied meals from which the children and families may make choices.  Children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 are entitled to free school meals (known as Universal Free School Meals) as part of the School Food Plan government provision. HC3S are keen promoters of healthy eating and are introducing a salad bar, as well as presenting the healthy plate to the children during a whole school presentation.




The Hampshire School Meal provision ...

• encourages your children to try different foods, as well as enjoying familiar favourites

• provides at least two of the recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables

• gets them thinking about healthy eating, which will help them make good food choices in the future

• helps to develop children’s concentration and positive behaviour and learning in the classroom.

Some children eat school dinners every day, some children have school dinners on certain days and packed lunches on others, whereas others eat packed lunches every day. 

Our school lunchtime staff actively discuss healthy choices and how these can benefit children’s growth and readiness to learn.   In addition, many of the adults in school take the opportunity to eat lunch with the children.  We consider this is an excellent way to act as a role model, discuss healthy eating habits and highlight the social aspects to dining. 

During playtimes, Key Stage One children are provided with a variety of different fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy snack.   Likewise, Year R children are entitled to free milk, however other children throughout the school are able to purchase milk if they wish, by prior arrangement.  Key Stage Two children are encouraged to eat healthy snacks during playtimes, such as: cereal bars, fruit, vegetables etc. This is a focus and a challenge!

We are currently working on renewing our Healthy Schools status.


Being active!

Sports Provision (see also our PE.Premium Funding Action Plan)

In addition to the statutory PE lessons, which include dance, gym and games (as well as 10 weeks of swimming lessons in Year 3 and 4) we provide after school sports clubs to further develop sportsmanship skills.

We use our P.E. Funding every year to employ P.E. staff from the local secondary school, a local dance club and a gymnastic club. These people also provide model lessons for our teachers as part of their professional development. We also use this funding for sports resources and to provide transport for us to attend sporting events and competitions. We also work in partnership with a specialist sports coach(employed through Arsenal Sports Company), who leads a number of year groups P.E. lessons as well as providing after school clubs and organised activities at lunchtime.  We make the most of our locality and often use the local sports Bar End Stadium to do PE lessons, charity fun runs and for celebrating our annual sports day.

Competitive sports are another way for us to support our school aims, as well as building children’s resilience and determination to achieve.  Over the course of the year we often attend many inter-school organised events, such as: cross country, tag rugby, tennis and rounders.  Our children relish these opportunities and regularly represent our school very well with their good sportsmanship.

In previous years, the school has worked in conjunction with The Penguins Winchester’s Swimming Club, and a local charity to provide upper KS2 less confident swimmers with additional swimming lessons to ensure they are equipped with this potentially life-saving skill. Last year, over 75% of swimmers who attended managed to swim a whole length by the end of the course. 

Living Streets

In autumn 2015, Strider (living streets mascot) came into school to launch a new initiative, which promotes children being active and walking to school.  Every day children log how they travel to school. The data is collected and if they have walked a certain amount of times in a month, they are rewarded with a collectable badge.  It is going well so far!

Discussing our thoughts, ideas and feelings, active minds

Circle times

We ensure we carry out regular circle times, which enable children to express themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  We regularly discuss children’s choices, as well as the people around us and how we can show strength in different situations. (see Pupil Voice)


Our ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant), who is a trained councillor and also our child family support worker(CFSW),  offers children time to talk on a one to one basis as well in drop in sessions during the day.   She also works with families to support good attendance and learning and behaviour (see child family support worker link)


School Collective Worships

As a voluntary controlled Church of England school we promote our mainly Christian ethos through our school aims and through our worships, reflections, prayers, visiting speakers and Church staff, Church festivals and celebrations.

The values of the school are displayed in the classrooms as the 7 S’ : standards, succeed, strength, share, support, secure and safe. (see ‘outstanding’ grade for SMSC by Ofsted 2014).These aims and also the school rules, are visited in a formal assembly at the start of every new term with all of the pupils and staff, in order to ensure everyone knows them, owns them and uses them in the daily life of the school and beyond.  Children, staff and governors know these and understand their significance. Because these values are clearly displayed they are also shared and can be seen e.g. classroom teaching and learning, worships, in playground behaviour, lunchtimes, school and Church events. The pupils are encouraged through our values to be confident, caring individuals who are challenged and inspired to achieve their best. Taking a risk, making a mistake and knowing how to be a team member are celebrated and encouraged through our strong Christian and learning ethos. The school uses praise and reward for demonstrating the key values and qualities to encourage pupils to make good choices in school, at home and in their lives.The values also reflect the Christian values and references are made between these and the Life of Jesus.  Throughout the year, the Christian Values such as: Love in Action, Courage, Respect provide an implicit as well as an explicit focus for the School and the Church. They have  been matched to specific Bible Stories and provide a focus for worships, spiritual development and beyond.

There is a pattern of worships through the week including:

Monday = Whole School Worship by the HT.  Alternate with the Rector or Curate each month,

Tuesday = Singing Worship

Wednesday =KS1and KS2 Worship

Thursday=Class Sharing Worship (parents attend too) or Pupil Voice Session 

Friday= Celebration Worship

At other times class worships take place.

The weekly celebration of success and achievements with all pupils and staff provides valuable time to reflect on the week, to recognize improvements, next steps and to reward pupils accordingly. Governors and visitors from the community have also taken part in providing special handshakes and stickers.

There are five main church services through the year: Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Easter and Year 6 Leavers' Service. These are led by the Church, School or pupils and are well attended by parents, governors and members of the community.The children enjoy going to the Church for our services. The church is always packed full; they are always lively, joyful, exciting and uplifting events. They are valued by our parents and our local community. Performing to a full Church is a thrilling and important learning experience for all of our children! Our services are fully inclusive and all children are invited to contribute and participate in the act of worship.



The annual Easter Service at All Saints Church presents the Religious Education learning about Easter which has been achieved in all of the classes. It is a real child friendly service which reflects their thoughts, feelings and impressions of The Easter Story, the sadness, Death, Resurrection, the joy and New Life. The Easter songs are usually well sung with great emotion and meaning.

The Yr. 6 Leavers Service at All Saints Church is very spiritual in reflecting on the time the Year 6 pupils and families have spent in our School, their successes, upsets and memories. ‘Footprints’ is read out and the Church presents all pupils with the reading in preparation for the next stages of their lives. A child is chosen to receive ‘The Father David Kee Award’ for “showing courtesy, care and consideration with the greatest initiative in expressing care for others.” This was started in 1984 and due respect is given to this every year.

All Year 6 pupils have an opportunity to attend worship outside of the school at the annual Year 6 Leavers’ Service at Winchester Cathedral. The Cathedral provides an amazing space to come together with lots of other schools to look, listen, reflect, read, sing and pray. It is respected as a special time and is always well received by our pupils, families and staff.