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Uniform Information

All Saints Uniform Policy


A high standard of personal appearance is expected in terms of every child wearing the correct school uniform. A suggested list of appropriate school wear is listed below. The All Saints Logo sweatshirts, polo shirts, book bags, P.E. bags and sunhats are available to order from:



All Saints sweatshirt / cardigan (red)

All Saints polo shirt (white)

White blouse / shirt

Black / Grey skirt or trousers

Black winter shoes with secure fittings

Summer dress – red white check

Secure fitting summer sandals with socks


N.B. Football strips; tracksuits etc. should not be worn in school, as they are not suitable school wear. Children are not allowed to wear items of sports clothing in the classrooms, except when changing for PE/games. This is of particular importance in the summer term. Gaudy tee‑shirts and long shorts (suitable only for the beach) should not be worn or brought to school.


Sensible smart shoes should be worn to school, ideally black shoes.

Shoes with high heels are not allowed (they are dangerous in school) beach/strappy summer shoes and

the wearing of trainers for everyday use is to be discouraged.


Please ensure you send in a letter to explain why your child may not be wearing school uniform on a particular day.


    Clothes for P.E. and Games

Pupils are expected to dress in the correct and appropriate school PE Kit, as follows;

Black or red shorts (above the knee and suitable and safe for P.E. and Games, usually with an elasticated waistband). In the winter, black jogging bottoms may be worn for outdoor games. Leggings are not part of our P.E. kit.

White tee-shirt

Suitable robust training shoes with grips for all outside games.

Lightweight pumps are only suitable for inside PE, although children may go barefoot for some P.E. sessions in the Hall.

Dance sessions may require lightweight plimsolls/pumps.

It is so important that pupils learn to be prepared and well-equipped to carry out any activity with the correct and safe P.E. kit.

The sharing or borrowing of kit between pupils is not allowed.


Pupils who regularly have no P.E. kit will receive a letter. If no P.E. kit persists, a meeting will be called for parents to discuss the issues with the Headteacher. P.E. is an essential and legal requirement of the National Curriculum. Being active forms part of the criteria of the National P.E. Funding.



Children need a P.E. Kit bag and a plastic carrier for football boots, when necessary. Large bulky sports bags should not be brought into school because there is very limited storage for them.


If you have difficulty providing your child with the essential items of clothing or footwear for school, a limited amount of financial assistance may be available depending on your income. For details, please enquire at the School Office.







Lost Property

All clothing found or left lying around with names on will be returned to pupils. It is the responsibility of children to look after their uniform, kit and their belongings. Any property that is not clearly labelled with the pupil's name will be disposed of after a short time.



Items of value should not be brought to school in case of loss or damage. This includes jewellery, technology and toys. The school cannot be responsible for personal property, although every care is taken to ensure it is looked after, especially where children are asked to bring in items as part of a project for instance.



The wearing of earrings is not allowed during PE/games, on the grounds of safety (HCC Policy). If earrings cannot be removed they must be taped over for the duration of the lesson. Parents should provide tape.


See Hampshire County Council Guidance here:


'All jewellery and other personal effects such as watches, necklaces etc must be removed for physical education and related activities.


With young children, parents should be asked to remove earrings and studs from children's ears before they come to school each day, until such time as their child is able to remove these adornments themselves prior to a PE Lesson. It is the responsibility of parents to train their children to take out and to put in studs and sleepers. Such training will support the policy of the school and enable teachers to ensure that pupils are appropriately dressed for PE activity.'


I'm sure you all realise that this ruling is for the safety of the children, the above guidelines are to prevent accidents, which has to be our main priority.


‘If your child has recently had his/her ears pierced (less than a month) the risk of injury will be reduced by supplying your child with surgical tape or masking tape (not Elastoplast or sellotape).


In these circumstances care must be taken to cover the spike at the back of the ear lobe effectively.


We ask you to consider carefully, items of jewellery, which your children might wish to wear to school. Stud earrings are more suitable than loops or dangles. Such items can easily be caught in coats or in hair during playground games and thus cause injury.